Spring 2021 Play on Protocol 4-2o-2021 Revised

Spring 2021 Play on Protocol 4-2o-2021 Revised

East Central Soccer District Spring 2021 Play on Protocol - Updated 4-20-2021

East Central will follow all the guidelines laid out in the US Soccer Play On Protocols & WYSA Guidelines but reserves the right to modify any of the protocols listed below based off of Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations or requirements, State of Wisconsin recommendations or requirements, county recommendations or requirements or local recommendations. 

Participants are encouraged to follow these protocols in support of Youth Soccer in Wisconsin. Club officers and coaches should ensure that the players and spectators are aware of the following protocols. Home clubs should alert visiting clubs of any additional municipal or county ordinances that may differ from the proceeding guidelines. The coaches, players and parents are responsible for assessing their criteria and restricting their participation. It will be the responsibility of each team/club to track who is at each game.


  • It is recommended that players from different households do not drive/carpool together. 

  • Anyone that is planning to attend the match, this includes players, coaches, spectators and referees should check their temperature at home, and refrain from participation if their temperature is 100.4 degrees F or higher. 

  • All coaches, players, referees and spectators should be monitoring their symptoms at home to ensure that:  

    • They are not currently demonstrating, suffering or showing any ill symptoms

    • They have not had a close contact with a sick individual or anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19

    • Any player or coach exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms of any kind must refrain from participation for 10 days or until medical clearance through a primary care provider has been acquired. 

  • Any individual who is unable to confirm the above criteria should not participate and contact both their club and healthcare provider. 


Soccer may be conducted “as usual” with the following exceptions: 

  • There will not be a coin toss.  Teams will start the game by defending the half of the field their bench is on, and the visiting team will have the first half kickoff.

  • Any team pre- and post-match handshakes should not occur

  • Handshakes or contact in substitutions should be avoided

  • Celebrations should not contain physical contact

  • Social distancing should occur between players and coaches on the sideline both during play and during any individual or group discussions during the match

  • No player, coach, or spectator should violate social distancing guidelines with a referee at any time

  • Player check-in at the field

    • Coach has both the roster with player numbers and the coach and player pass cards

    • Ref has the players line up to check equipment

    • Then the coach & refs work together on verifying that the players that are playing are on the roster & have a player pass - ref never touches the player pass, coach holds onto them during the process

  • Players on the sideline should remain socially distanced (6 feet minimum) at all times

  • Players on the field or players waiting to be subbed in do not need to be masked, 

  • Staff and players on the sideline should observe social distancing or have a face covering.

  • It is suggested that the coaches and substitutes be at least six to ten feet from the touchline whenever possible. 


  • Spectators are encouraged to wear face coverings.  

  • It is strongly recommended that players have a minimal number of supporters on site whenever possible.   Local health orders may dictate field or facility limits and should be communicated by the home club to the visiting club. 


  • Clubs are to, as much as possible, stagger home match start times to avoid mass congregating before or after matches.

  • Clubs are to, as much as possible, configure field layouts consistent with the goal of avoiding mass congregation and social distancing protocols. 


  • All attendees should maintain social distancing guidelines after the match is completed

  • Teams should not congregate, post-match debriefs should be kept to a minimum, and teams and supporters should depart the premises immediately. 

  • Should a conflict occur at the field that cannot be easily resolved, a Game Incident Report should be submitted to the East Central Officials to review and determine if any action should be taken.  http://eastcentralsoccer.com/district/policies-forms

Note:  Team snap has set up a team check in for COVID-19.

https:// blog.teamsnap.com%2Fannouncements%2Fhealth-checks

Spectators should be situated on the same sideline as their team bench with the opposing team and spectators on the opposite sideline to limit exposure.


Spring 2021 Play on Protocol was passed March 15, 2021

East Central All Club Board Meeting