Referee Assignors

  • Only Referee Assignors with an appropriate level of licensing may schedule referees for WYSA sanctioned competitions, including leagues and tournaments.  Club presidents will be asked to fill out and return to the SYRA the name and contact information on their licensed referee assignor.

Game Officials

  • Wisconsin Referee Unit has selected Game Officials as the scheduling software to be used for all referee assignments in Wisconsin.

Canceled Game at the Field

Canceled Game at the Field

In sitations where teams and referees attend a scheduled game and the game is canceled before the teams take the field, the home team will pay the referees their portion of the game fees.  The game will have to be rescheduled and at that time the referees must be paid in full by both teams prior to the start of the game.

Referee Shortage Protocol

Referee Shortage

East Central 11U and 12U teams can play a scheduled game without referees. If both coaches agree to play the game without referees, they will record the score in the standings. Coaches can also decide to reschedule the game if they so choose.

East Central Referee Fees

Referee Fees

Group Length of Game Center Referee Assist. Referee -each

6U Short sided (3v3) no GK

4X10 minutes
8U Short sided (4v4) no GK 4x12 minutes NA NA

9/10U Short sided (7v7)

2x25 minutes $22.00 $16.00
11/12U Classic & Rec.(9v9) 2x30 minutes $34.00 $24.00

13/14U Classic & Rec.(11v11)

2x35 minutes $46.00 $34.00
15/16U Classic (11v11) 2x40 minutes $58.00 $42.00

High School Rec. (11v11)

2x35 minutes $54.00 *$40.00
17/19UClassic (11v11) 2x45 minutes $68.00 $48.00
High School Girls 2x40 minutes $68.00 $48.00

Adult Rec

2x35 minutes $64.00


How to pay the referee crew

  • Exact change in 2 envelopes for both home and away games
  • 1/2 to center referee
  • 1 to the assistant referee when applicable

For other levels of competition check appropriate website.