The ultimate goal of the scheduling process is to complete a schedule prior to the start of the season that can be played with minimal changes once the season begins. 

To lessen the amount of game reschedules made once the season begins, East Central has adopted new procedures to reschedule a game. A summary of the major changes are below, the full Rescheduling Procedures can be found HERE.

  1. The schedule wil be frozen approximately 2 weeks before the season. Clubs will no longer have the ability to change the schedule and all rescheduling request must go through the district.
  2. The district has adopted a One Week Rule and all requests to reschedule a game for conflicts must be made more than one week prior to the originally scheduled game date/time.
  3. The district will only approve reschedule requests for the following reasons, and when the conflict means that the majority, at least 70%, of players cannot make the date
    • Game conflicts with a school or church event
    • Game conflicts with a WYSA State League, Midwest League, or National League game 
    • Game conflicts with a President's Cup or State Cup tournament game 
  4. There will be a $25 fee invoiced to the conflict requesting club for every approved request
  5.  A $7.50 fee will be invoiced for requests due to weather, field, or referee shortage game reschedules. Game which need only time or field changes made may be invoiced $7.50 depending on the affects of the change.
  6. The Forfeit Rules/Fines  have been updated

Approved at the East Central AGM, January 29, 2022