There will always be a few times each year when a forfeit is necessary and prudent but unfortunately forfeits have started to become much more prevalent in our leagues and the rationale behind them more diverse.  Teams are frequently choosing to not play an opponent because:

  1. They feel they cannot be competitive
  2. They can’t field enough players to be competitive
  3. They are missing key players which may make them uncompetitive
  4. They are missing their coach
  5. Or they don’t want to travel to play the game.

None of the above instances are approved reasons to forfeit a game. We do what we do so that kids can play soccer.  We do our best to make our divisions as competitive as possible but there will always be instances when games are not competitive. Deciding to forfeit not only takes the opportunity to play soccer away from your own team but away from your opponents as well.

Should you still choose to forfeit rather than play the game, East Central has instituted Fines/Fees that will be invoiced to the club of the team forfeiting.  You can find more information on each specific type of forfeit and those fines/fees by clicking HERE. For instances of forfeit not specifically spelled out, the East Central Games Commissioner has the authority to issue rulings and assess fines.  Clubs are responsible for the actions of their coaches and teams. Failure to pay forfeit fees levied by the district may place a club in “poor standing.” Clubs whose team’s have excessive forfeits, as determined by the district, may be warned and or placed in “poor standing” by the district.  

Approved at the East Central AGM, January 29, 2022