East Central League - Spring 2021

Document below gives your complete timeline of East Central Scheduling Process

East Central 2021 Spring Schedule Team Application

Team Application

Team Application

Taking team applications for Classic Co-ed 11U-19U and Girls 11U -14U

  • Deadline March 8, 2021

Taking team applications for Recreational teams

  • Deadline March 25, 2021

Taking team applicaitions for Classic GIrls 15U-19U

  • Deadline May 10, 2021

Below is the link for the team application.  Club Registrar or designated club officer should click on the link and fill out the team application for any team wishing to be scheduled for the Spring 2021 -  East Central League. 

Accepted teams for Spring 2021

Below is a list of teams that have been submitted to East Central for the Spring 2021 season.  

Please check to make sure all of the teams you want scheduled are listed. 

Team approval after a team is submitted may take up to 24 hours.

Accepted Teams

Request for game change in the East Central League Schedule

Request for Game Change in East Central Classic League Fall 2020

There are very few reasons to reschedule a game.  Please review

East Central Rules and Regulations

Page 7:  Game rescheduling and postponing procedures are for all East Central Leagues

Canceling or rescheduling a game will need to be done two weeks prior to the scheduled game date so the times can be adjusted for the clustered games. 

The schedule manager for each club should be the only person submitting reschedules and they should determine if the request to reschedule the game is a valid one.