1. Clubs- Clubs within East Cental Soccer District help govern the direction of the district and decide how the East Central League will be managed and operated.  Clubs are required to send a representtive to the East Central Membership meetings.  
    • Voting Members: Voting members are representatives of soccer clubs within the East Central District that are registered with the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, officers and appointed board members of the East Central District. The number of votes per club shall be consistent with the constitution and by-laws of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. No individual may carry more than one position’s vote. Each officer and appointed board member will receive one vote.
  2. Leagues - Groups of teams formed together for soccer conpetition, usually at the exact same age structures.  In order to form a league affliated within the WYSA or its member districts or its members clubs, an application and operating rules must be submitted to the WYSA Board of Directors in advance of the start of the next player registration year.  (Aug 1)
    • Leagues within East Central Soccer District
      • Competitive
      • Recreational
      • Academ
      • Adult
  3. Players - All players must register to a club and may not be rostered to more than one club or team.
  4. Non-East Central Team: Non-East Central Teams are representatives of WYSA recognized soccer clubs from outside the East Central (EC) District. If such clubs wish to have their teams participate in EC regulated leagues, and have players who are not fee paying players of the EC District, a Non-East Central Team fee and application must be submitted for approval before these teams and their players are accepted into the East Central League.  Application